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Stage Management

Sound World

Production Management

Light World

-- Fully trained with several internships and experience

-- Experience with AEA Standards 

-- Execute rehearsal calendar accommodating conflicts 

-- Control tracking sheets of all tech elements 

-- Track sound and light cues as they arrive in rehearsal

-- Run a rehearsal room, keeping schedule on track 

-- Avid emailer, generally including colors for long emails

-- Emphasize a safe space for all during production 

-- Able to run many boards at once, or call a show to board ops

-- Experience with several light and sound boards, and projectors 

-- First Aid/CPR certified 

-- Digital theatre experience (Zoom meeting/webinar, OBS)

-- Understanding of all aspects of technical theatre, and general timelines of completion 

-- Personable, understanding, and collaborative with team

-- Experience with budget tracking 

-- Execute deadline calendar for team 

-- Schedule production meetings and check ins 

-- Social media management

-- Willing to help hands on with any department

-- Own many strange items that can be used for shows 

-- Creative problem solver 

-- Experience with start up theatre companies  

-- Intermediate level ASL - will be pursuing interpreter credential 

-- Hang and focus lighting equipment 

-- Change bulb in light 

-- Know how to "find my light" and can help actors 

-- Programming light boards (most experience in ETC) 

-- Small adjustments to light cues (ETC boards) 

-- Execute board operation for performances 

-- Good memory for patching channels 

-- Sourcing sound cues from free sound websites 

-- Experience building a show in Qlab

-- Knowledge of correct placement of LAV microphones on actors 

-- Ability to run a variety of sound boards, controlling microphone levels 

-- Ability to run Qlab (board operator) for performances 

Costume World

Scenic World

-- Ability to hand sew/stitch for costume notes or fixes 

-- Adept with hot glue gun 

-- Experience with quick changes (including corsets) 

-- Follows washing instructions dutifully 

-- Understands fabrics and general washing/care instructions

-- Ability to work with and owns power tools (screw gun, bits) 

-- Able to lift over 50lbs 

-- Experience driving small box trucks and vans

-- Always stays until last person is out of the building (no one works alone!) 

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