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University of San Francisco: Here (you were/you are/you will be)

Here re-imagines the ritual of our daily routine by transforming the spaces that we take for granted. 

Here activates the architecture to unearth stories of the human condition. 

Inspired by myth and how we navigate between the dark and the light, Theatre and Dance come together to create an immersive experience that speaks to our past, present and future.

Produced by: Christine Young, Eli Nelson, Michelle Talagarow

Directed by: Students and Professors of USF

Guest Directors: Rotimi Agbabiaka and Eric Garcia 

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Las Positas College: For The First Time In Forever

A musical review in the LPC Amphitheater space, in front of a live audience for the first time!

Directed by: Vinh G Nguyen

Produced by: Titian Lish and the LPC Theater Arts Department

Performed and tech by LPC Students

Taking Care of Animals.png

New School of Drama: Taking Care of Animals

A Zoom Staged Reading workshop of a brand new play. 

Written By: Jerrod Jordahl

Directed by: Kip Fagan


+ Alex Might

+ Libby Woodbridge

+ Reza Salazar

+ Alex Hurt

+ Michael Cullen

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Las Positas College: Spring Semester

Theatre students productions in the digital time of Covid. 


--> My Favorite Wife

--> Hamlet in a Nutshell (with awesome puppets)

--> Medea (A Parody)

Directed by Dyan McBride


--> Children's Lit. Live:

+ We Are in a Book

+ Dragons Love Tacos

+ Click Clack Moo

+ Creepy Carrots

+Interrupting Chicken

--> Training Mission

Directed by Titian Lish

Produced by Titian Lish and The LPC Theatre Arts Department

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Creative Spark: An Invitation to Creativity

An inspirational invitation to open up, inspect yourself and your world, and open up your creative side.


--> Monkwave

--> Poetry and Flows

--> Gabes Torres 

--> Dhaya Lakshminarayanan

--> Panel: Jen del Sol, Lorraine Albert, Tyler Sweek, Monkwave; facilitated by Mitzi Magdaleno

--> DJ Sunflower

--> MajesticJune

--> Sum of Man

--> Joyce Lee

--> Calina Lawrence

--> Maya Songbird

Company Creator: Mitzi Magdaleno




Ten solo performances, all in one digital festival! 


--> Memory Tricks  - Marga Gomez

--> Thrillrider: Greatest Hits Vol 2  - Sara Toby Moore and Colin Johnson

--> What They Said About Sex - Steve Budd

--> F L I G H T - Melissa Ortiz, Christian Haines, Neiry Rojo

--> The Bride - Chris Steele AKA Polly Amber Ross

--> Beethoven and Misfortune Cookies - Rayshawn Chism and Joni Ravenna

--> Not One of Us - Diane Barnes 

--> Grandma's Hands - Carla Vega and Shyamala Moorty

--> Painters Oubliette - Mars Magee 

--> Slutty Virgin - Caroline Hawthorne

Screen Shot 2020-12-09 at 5.16.40 PM.png

Verbatim Theatre:


Taken from interviews of other students and community members of LHS, Belonging explores what it feels like to be labeled, how to find belonging, and the struggles between the two. Especially in the time of COVID and online school, this conversation is important and necessary to be had, so that all students at Livermore High School can have somewhere to belong.

Directed by: Carol Hovey 

Written and Created by: The Drama Students of Livermore High School

Live Stream Stage Manager: Annie Tillis



The BRAND NEW theatre company, Kunoichi Productions, presents the digital theatre world premiere of Ai Aida's work.

An inspirational and imaginative retelling of the Japanese classic folktale: The Tale of the Bamboo Cutter. A modern twist that will make you laugh and feel the struggle for a modern young woman to live in a classic patriarchal world. 

Directed by: Keiko Shimosato Carreiro

Co Directed by: Nick Ishimaru 

Live Stream Stage Manager: Annie Tillis

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