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I am versed in Digi-Theatre!

In the strange times that we are living in with COVID 19 running rampant, we have all had to adjust to new platforms to get our art and message across to the people. As much as it isn't the same as the real thing, a very smart woman recently said to me that "this is its own unique and new form of storytelling magic," and I 100% believe in that sentiment. 

Yes, it is harder than stage theatre. 

Yes, it is weirder than stage theatre. 

But yes, it is more important now than maybe ever. 

Are you looking to do some digital theatre or performance? I can help! 

I have experience both running Zoom meeting and webinar. I have played with the settings several times and have started to figure out the patterns that work! I know the oddities of the system and what we can control, and what we can't. 

I also have experience with creation and show running of OBS (Open Broadcast System), which is a FREE platform that can be used as a control center to enhance your performance. This is a great resource for multi-media projects, unified digital worlds, and so much more! 

Need some pointers but don't necessarily want to hire someone? No problem!

I have and am compiling a Digital Theatre Cheat Sheet based off of my recent experience, including my recommendations for both Zoom and OBS.

Please feel free to email me to request a FREE copy of this document.

It is being updated frequently with new information and images.

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